Recycle ¦ Reuse ¦ Reward

We love our planet and are finding new and innovative ways to be more sustainable. Not only that but we’re helping our customers to reuse and recycle too.

Our Recycle ¦ Reuse ¦ Reward scheme is one of the ways we are playing our part to help our planet.

Our ultimate goal is to achieve a circular system - where we use less and what we do use, gets reused or recycled. We also want to support our customers to do their bit, so we’re finding new solutions to make it easier for them to reduce, reuse and recycle more too.


We use wood, paper and pulp in our packaging which is recyclable and we go to great lengths to make sure it’s responsibly sourced.

We ensure that our suppliers do not source wood or paper from forests with high conservation value and they're values run alongside ours.


Our sample tiles are so versatile and we would love to see you use them rather than lose them.

Here are a few ideas:

  • Coasters and placemats - simple and stylish
  • Table top - if you order a few samples you can upcycle a table top very easily
  • Plant pots - use our mosaic and some tile adhesive to brighten up your horticulture
  • Stickers - with adhesive-backed decals you can easily brighten up small areas of wall with a bit of fun
  • Vase - a sheet of mosaic and strong glue and voila ... a beautiful understated piece
  • Tray - sideboard trays or serving platters, a nice tile or two will work really well
  • Magnets - match with your walls with small mosaic magents on your fridge
  • Wall hooks - all you need is some wood, glue and mosaics. Its simple and stunning


Send your sample to a friend and if they order any tiles or accessories on our website you will get a coupon code to use on your next purchase.

The sample can keep moving and your friends) can also pass it on to receive the reward too.



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